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Wedding venue checklist: Choosing the right venue for your wedding

Wedding Venue Checklist on choosing the right wedding venue.

In terms of importance, choosing the right venue for your wedding falls somewhere in between picking a date and picking the dress. With over 25 years of wedding floor wrapping experience, InStyle Floor Wraps has learned a thing or two about venue selection. We have installed custom wedding floor wraps in a variety of different venues, some more challenging than others. Before finalizing a venue for your wedding, we recommend answering the following questions taken from our wedding venue checklist:

Is there a wedding theme?

This is an important question to answer before you begin your wedding venue search. Some wedding venues are more flexible than others with regards to themes. Others are not so flexible. For instance, a rustic barn style wedding will require at least some type of barn as part of the venue. Likewise, backyard weddings almost always require a backyard venue.

Does the venue have a dance floor?

This is one of the more important questions that you must ask with regards to choosing the right venue for your wedding. If the venue has a dance floor, you should consider hiring InStyle Floor Wraps to design and install a custom vinyl floor wrap. It will add unique flair and charisma to your wedding, something that you and your guests will always remember.

What season will the wedding be taking place in?

Nobody wants to attend an outdoor wedding in the middle of November although outdoor weddings in the Spring and Summer can also pose risks. If your mind is set on an outdoor wedding, it is important to determine how quickly the venue can adapt and adjust to unplanned weather and climate conditions.

How many people will be attending the wedding?

Venue size and legal constraints almost always restrict the amount of people that are able to be present in any particular wedding venue. Before choosing the right venue for your wedding, determine how many people you plan to have in attendance.

What is your wedding budget?

While wedding venues vary in price range, choosing the right one can sometimes depend on who’s covering the bill. After figuring out your wedding budget, determine how this budget should be allocated. This can be done by choosing which aspects are most important to you. If choosing the right venue for your wedding is most important, then allocate a larger sum of your budget accordingly.

Do you mind you mind being on a waitlist?

The more popular the wedding venue, the longer the waitlist. If your wedding is under any type of strict time constraints, you may have to lower your wedding venue expectations. Some venues are booked years in advance.

How much room will there be for equipment?

Will your wedding require a kitchen, DJ booth or perhaps a custom vinyl dance floor wrap? These are important things to consider when choosing the right wedding venue.

What if the venue has vendor restrictions?

Before choosing the right wedding venue, it is important to determine whether or not there are specific vendor restrictions. Some venues do not permit outside food and beverages and often charge an arm and a leg for their own catering and bartending services.

Is the venue easily accessible with accommodations close by?

Accessibility is important with wedding venues. Ensure that all of your guests have access to the event. If parking spots are limited, it may be necessary to coordinate carpooling or other special transportation modes. If you plan on having guests coming in from out of town, consider choosing a wedding venue with on-site or nearby accommodations.

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