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Wedding Aisle Runner Ideas

Wedding aisle runner ideas

While your wedding outfit will play a key role in creating a lasting impression with guests when you walk down the aisle, having a unique aisle runner can help enhance the overall experience. At InStyle Floor Wraps, we want your wedding to be a beautiful as you have always imagined. That is why we have put together a list of some of our favourite wedding aisle runner ideas to help provide you with inspiration for your special day.

1. Vintage Area Rugs

If you love the boho look, using a mix of assorted vintage area rugs for your wedding aisle can create a great visual affect that plays off of those boho vibes. Consider choosing rugs that tie into the colours of your wedding in a variety of patterns and sizes.

2. Flower Petals

Sprinkling flower petals down the aisle or creating an entire aisle out of petals can be a great way to create an airy and romantic feel to your wedding ceremony. When creating a flower petal aisle runner, make sure to stick to one or two petal colours to help create visual appeal without it becoming distracting.

3. Feathers

Adding feathers to a runner-less aisle or to a simple carpet runner is a simple way to bring a touch of whimsy or fairy tale romance to your special day. Since feathers are available in a wide range of different colours, you will be able to easily find the perfect fit for your wedding colours and theme.

4. Wedding Monogram Vinyl Decals

If you created a wedding monogram for your special day, having it printed on a vinyl decal that can be applied to your aisle runner will help you create a truly one-of-a-kind look. Consider having a vinyl monogram decal created and installed by a professional to ensure that it looks stunning for your wedding.

5. Boardwalk Over a Pond

If your venue has a pond, why not make the most of it by creating a boardwalk aisle across the water? Consider using wooden boards or a hard plastic for your aisle over the water to create a breathtaking look that your guests will love.

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