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Vancouver Winter Wedding Themes and Trends

Vancouver winter wedding themes and trends

At Instyle Floor Wraps, we know that choosing which season you have your wedding in might not be difficult for some couples; however, establishing a particular theme or keeping up with the latest wedding trends can prove to be a daunting task. That is why our team of floor wrap professionals have put together a list of Vancouver winter wedding themes and trends to help you create the perfect setting for your big day.

Vancouver Winter Wedding Themes

Choosing the right theme for your wedding can be a difficult decision because the theme is what sets the entire tone of the wedding. If you are thinking about getting married in Vancouver in the wintertime but cannot settle on a theme, here are some popular Vancouver winter wedding themes to inspire you.

All-White Wedding

You may not be able to plan the weather, but you can celebrate the season by bringing in the delicateness of the snow outdoors by creating a winter wonderland. This wedding theme is easy to create whether you choose a modern, traditional, or more whimsical style.

A Scandinavian Wedding

This wedding theme works to highlight elements of nature along with warm earthly colours, candles, and whimsical charm. The colour red is popular for Scandinavian weddings and is often displayed throughout dinnerware, red and white checkered table linens, and incorporated bridal accessories, such as sashes or headbands.

Vancouver Winter Wedding Trends

Here are some of the latest Vancouver winter wedding trends that will leave your guests with a lasting impression of your big day:

Frozen Flowers

One of the hottest trends for winter weddings this year is ice-cold frozen flower arrangements. You can incorporate a show stopping ice sculpture in your decor, or keep your champagne cool in frozen floral ice buckets.

Drip Cakes

A topped off with drizzles of decadent icing provides the perfect look for whimsical winter weddings. This icing trend tastes as sweet as it looks, and works on towering stacked confections and tiny cupcakes alike.

Faux Fur Accents

Nothing says cozy winter wedding like faux fur accents draped over your dining chairs. You can also incorporate the fabric by using blankets as your wedding favours.

Hot Chocolate Bar

Everyone’s favourite childhood drink will be everyone’s favourite sip at your winter wedding. Create an entire station equipped with candy canes, cinnamon stirrers, marshmallows, and lots of whipped cream.


This season, take your calligraphy well beyond the invites. For winter weddings, consider using the sophisticated script for everything from sleek table numbers and mirrors to wine glasses and fondant cakes.

Dance Floor Wraps

Pull the outdoors inside by using a custom dance floor wrap to create the look of the couple’s initials written in freshly fallen snow. Dance floor wraps can be a great way to tie an entire theme together or to add that extra special touch.

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