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Top Wedding Trends 2018

Top wedding trends 2018

Keeping up with the top wedding trends for 2018 will help couples create a special day that is not only in keeping with the date but also allows them to be inspired to mix and match trends to fit their specific taste and venue. At InStyle Floor Wraps, we understand how important it is to keep up with the latest wedding trends. With the help of one of our floor wrap services, our team can help you create the perfect custom piece for your wedding that ties into the latest trends.

The Top Wedding Trends of 2018

Some of the top wedding trends of 2018 include:

1. Statement Seating Charts

Consider incorporating your wedding theme or personality into the wedding seating chart by creating a wow-worthy statement piece that will have your guests talking about your wedding for years to come. Try creating a seating chart that is both aesthetically pleasing and gives guests a keepsake, such as a flower wall that allows guests to pick their seats and take home a gorgeous flower.

2. Custom Vinyl Floor Wraps

No matter what theme your wedding has, a custom vinyl floor wrap can be the perfect decor piece to tie the entire event together. Consider creating a simple elegant floor wrap by incorporating the couple‚Äôs initials or favourite quote or creating a custom vinyl floor wrap with a bold pattern to match the wedding’s colour scheme.

3. Unexpected Entertainment

In 2018, couples will begin to move away from providing favours and takeaways in order to focus on creating a more memorable experience for guests, using unexpected entertainment throughout the night. Instead of hiring a single band or a DJ, consider incorporating theater performances, sketch artists, tarot card readers, magicians, and astrologists to create an interactive experience that matches the overall wedding theme.

4. Non-traditional Venues

Today, couples are beginning to move further away from traditional reception spaces in favour of having their wedding in an unexpected place that fits into the couple’s story. Consider having your wedding at the location where you first met or at a place that reflects both of your personalities.

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