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What to Print on a Custom Vinyl Floor Wrap

What to Put on a Custom Vinyl Floor Wrap

Are you looking for the perfect way to jazz up the floor for a special event? At InStyle Floor Wraps we have designed and installed custom floor wraps for all different types of events. From weddings to corporate functions, custom floor wraps are a great way to personal a space with an eye-popping feature.

Floor Wraps for Special Events

If you are looking for a custom piece to dazzle your guests at a large personal event (wedding or anniversary party), custom floor wraps can create the perfect feature for your dance floor that will tie in seamlessly to your event. At Instyle Floor Wraps, we do a lot of custom floor wrap designs for weddings, and we understand how important it is that your day is perfect.

For weddings and anniversaries, consider a custom floor wrap design that incorporates the happy couples initials or names and the date or the dates of how long they’ve been together. Another idea to consider would be to personalize your custom floor wrap with a specific design, pattern, or image that fits into the overall theme of the wedding or party. Tying your custom floor wrap into the overall theme can make the space flow more naturally.

Floor Wraps for Corporate Events

A custom floor wrap can be a great way to brand your corporate event, whether you want to display your logo and messaging or you want to display the logos of your company’s sponsors.

Many corporate events, such as charity balls, are held as a way to raise money for a great organization. Custom dance floors are a great way to pay tribute to the participating charities that are sponsoring or hosting the events. At InStyle Floor Wraps, our graphic artists can easily incorporate any logos, colours, and messaging relevant to the event into your custom floor wrap design.

Floor Wraps for Retail Stores

Many retail stores take advantage of window displays and in-store branding to bring attention to important promotions. Custom floor wraps are a great way for new stores, or stores looking to rebrand their image, to send additional messaging to their customers. Something as simple as having your logo printed into a custom floor wrap can add an extra touch to a newly finished space. Floor wraps can also be used as way to leverage advertising for specific brands whose products are sold in store.

If you are thinking about getting a custom floor wrap for your event, but are stuck on a design, the top-notch in-house designers at InStyle Floor Wraps can help. At Instyle Floor Wraps, we design and install vinyl floor wraps for all different types of events including weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, and retail promotions. Contact the floor wrap experts at 604-226-3728 to make your next event extremely memorable. You can also keep up to date with the latest InStyle Floor Wrap news and designs by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

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