In Weddings on January 25, 2017

Popular Wedding Decor Trends

InStyle Floor Wraps popular wedding decor trends

With over 25 years of wedding floor wrapping experience, the team at InStyle Floor Wraps knows a thing or two about wedding décor trends. Each year, many new popular wedding décor trends emerge. Some of these trends prevail and manage to remain popular for years to come. Other trends quickly lose momentum and become passe overnight. With a new year upon us, it is the perfect time to preview some of the most popular wedding décor trends for 2017.

Rustic farm and barn weddings

Although this is more of an overall wedding theme as opposed to wedding décor, there are plenty of rustic farm style wedding decorations that ensure this will be a popular wedding décor trend to watch out for in 2017. Branches, lanterns, Edison bulbs and strings lights can give a stunning, rustic appeal to any barn wedding.

Modern and industrial-themed colour patterns

Out with the gold, in with the new. This year, more weddings will deviate from the traditional shiny silver and gold wedding décor and opt for the emerging trend of metallic wedding colours that includes copper, rose gold and pewter. Soft, brushed metals can be used in a variety of different wedding applications including invitations, table décor, and wedding party accessories.

Handcrafted wedding decorations

With do-it-yourself projects on the rise, many couples are putting their creativity and craftsmanship to use in the form of handcrafted wedding decorations. With so many incredible DIY project tutorials on the internet, handcrafted wedding decorations are an easy, affordable alternative to traditional wedding decor. Watch out for this wedding decor trend in 2017!

Vinyl wrapped dance floors

Yes, we may be biased but vinyl floor wraps are becoming increasingly popular in a big way at weddings! Vinyl floor wraps are ideal for wedding dance floors and create a stunning backdrop for wedding photography. Incorporating the bride and groom’s initials and wedding date into the vinyl floor wrap design is a popular wedding décor trend that is here to stay.

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