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Floor Wraps: Not Just For Dance Floors

Customized floor wraps are becoming increasingly popular at special events such as weddings, anniversaries and other types of celebrations. For these types of events, floor wraps are usually applied to portable dance floors. Although dance floor wraps are a great way to add custom branding and logos to special events, there are many other useful applications of floor wraps. Custom floor wraps can also be used for retail store flooring, commercial events and fashion show runways. InStyle Floor Wraps helps explain each of these applications below:

Floor wraps for retail stores

Custom floor wraps for retail stores can be used in many different ways. They can be used as signage or arrows to direct shoppers to a particular section of the store. For large retail stores, grocery stores and shopping malls, it can be a challenge for shoppers to navigate their way throughout. To help with this, custom floor wraps can be designed and colour coded to help shoppers get to their desired aisle or section. Floor wraps in retail stores can also be used to create awareness about special sales or discounts that are taking place. For retail stores that carry a vast selection of brands, floor wraps can function as an additional revenue stream for companies interested in purchasing advertising space.

Floor wraps for commercial events

Similar to floor wraps for retail stores, a custom floor wrap can have many different applications for commercial events. Floor space can be used as an advertising opportunity to generate revenue from companies wanting to get their brand message across in a unique way. For corporate events, custom floor wraps can be used to display a company’s logo and branding.

Floor wraps for fashion show runways

A current trend with custom floor wraps is the wrapping of fashion show runways. Whether it is a complex design or a simple, single colour wrap, fashion show runway wraps are fully customizable and can help add to the desired mood of the show. InStyle Floor Wraps are extremely durable and will not get damaged by heels; furthermore, textured vinyl can be used on the wraps to give them an additional flare.

To learn more about the many applications of customized floor wraps including weddings, dance floors and commercial, please contact InStyle Floor Wraps at 604-226-3728. InStyle Floor Wraps has been providing clients across Canada and the United States with customized floor wraps the past 25 years. Let our team help make your next event or special occasion more memorable with a customized floor wrap. Visit our Showcase page to see some of the incredible work we have completed for our clients.

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