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How to Install a Vinyl Dance Floor Wrap

Dance Floor Wrap

With a full range of customization options and lasting durability, a custom vinyl dance floor wrap is a great option for any event. Though the installation of a vinyl dance floor wrap may appear simple and straightforward, there are many considerations to keep in mind to ensure the best appearance and adhesion. As leading providers of custom dance floor wraps and dance floor installation services, the team at InStyle Floor Wraps understands how difficult installation can be. That is why our team has compiled a list of useful tips detailing how to install a vinyl dance floor wrap.

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Tips for Installing a Vinyl Dance Floor Wrap

When installing a vinyl wrap, consider the following tips to ensure the best possible result:

Inspect the Vinyl Before Installation

When the roll of vinyl is delivered to your location, it should be closely inspected to ensure that there is no damage or flaws in the material. It is also a good idea to confirm that the design is exactly as you wanted it to be. If there are any issues with your vinyl dance floor wrap, they should be reported to the vendor as soon as possible.

Clean and Prepare the Floor

To ensure optimal adhesion, your floors should be thoroughly cleaned prior to installation. Dirt and other debris can cause unsightly bubbles and flaws in the vinyl wrap, reducing durability and overall appeal. In addition to cleaning, inspect the floor for any chips, cracks, raised portions, or slopes as these can create difficulties during installation. If possible, have these flaws repaired to minimize the risk of bubbles, stretching, and tears during installation. If it is not possible to repair these flaws in time, it may be worth choosing a different location for the vinyl dance floor wrap.

Install the Vinyl Slowly and Carefully

Though vinyl wrap installation may appear simple and straightforward, this is not the case. After ensuring that your floor is clean and free of major flaws, your vinyl wrap should be slowly unrolled and carefully positioned over the area it will be installed. From here, only the centre of the wrap should be installed to the surface. The pressing/installation process begins at the middle of the wrap, working its way to the outside edges. To ensure that your wrap is installed properly and with the right equipment, consider enlisting the help of trained professionals like the team at InStyle Floor Wraps.

To learn more about vinyl floor wraps and dance floors, reach out to the experts at InStyle Floor Wraps. Our team can be contacted at 604-266-3728 and will help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

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